5 Drones That Tried To Go Swimming

It’s a drone flyer’s worst nightmare: Dying battery, dropping altitude, and a large puddle/pond/lake/ocean of water that will determine whether the drone lives to see another flight, or dies in a watery grave.

5 Drones That Tried To Go Swimming

There’s just something about drones and water.

They love it!

Ok, so most drones are pretty much destroyed the second they touch water, but that doesn’t stop them from heading towards water when something goes wrong. It’s like a moth to a flame.

Here are five flyers that know firsthand the peril of drones and water:

Ultimate Drone Save

This one’s a classic! Ryan Hatfield was out filming a lookout tower at the beach, when he notices the drone is losing altitude. Can he catch it in time?

My First Day With My Drone

Zwier Spanjer just got a new DJI Phantom 2, and spent the whole day flying it without any problems. But then suddenly the battery was depleted and the drone was dropping. The flight was mostly over land, so the landing should have been fine, but of course the call of the water was too strong, and Zwier’s drone headed straight for it:

Quadcopter Drone Fail

Aaron Thomas had a new DJI Phantom 2, complete with Zenmuse gimbal and GoPro 3+ Black, and was testing it out near Green Lake in 70 Mile House, British Columbia. (Yes, 70 Mile House is the real name of a town. Canada’s weird.) It was his second flight, and after 17+ minutes of flight time, the drone was tired. Unfortunately, Aaron wasn’t paying attention to the status LEDs, and the drone started to go down. Quickly:

DJI Phantom Miraculous Fly-Away Recovery

This pilot was out getting footage of a yacht in Miami, FL when the drone lost connection with the controller. No problem, the DJI Phantom has Return-To-Home functionality. Except, when that ‘home’ was a boat, and the boat has sailed away, the drone is now trying to ‘return’ to the water. Can Manuel use another boat to save it in time?

Blade 350 QX Crash In Hawaii

Unfortunately not every drone can be saved, like this Blade 350 QX that went for a swim after interference from the GoPro’s WiFi caused a loss of control. Luckily (for us) the GoPro was in a waterproof case, so even after the crash, it was able to capture some pretty impressive underwater footage:

Once a drone has decided to go swimming, there’s a slim chance you’ll be able to save it. For every lucky save, there are ten unlucky fails where there’s no chance for a sweet rescue video.

Stay dry out there, and remember, when you’re flying and the drone tells you it’s time to land, the key word is “land”.

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