9 Must-Follow Drone Pilots On Instagram

If you’re looking for a fresh dose of amazing drone photos and videos in your Instagram feed, check out these 9 must-follow accounts.

9 Must Follow Drone Pilots On Instagram

Instagram is great, but it can be hard to find new accounts to follow.

To help solve that problem, I put together a list of 9 drone pilots that consistently share impressive, amazing, and inspiring work.

I dare you to try and follow them without double tapping every photo!

Dirk Dallas – Dirk shares a TON of amazing drone photos (he also founded @FromWhereIDrone) and has an eye for vibrant colors and unique compositions.

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Michael Matti – Michael is based out of Seattle, and shares drone photos from all over the world. He often includes subjects in his photos in unique and interesting ways, and also has an amazing eye for color and composition.

Gabriel Scanu – Gabriel is based out of Sydney, Australia, and his drone photos have an almost dream-like, etherial quality to them.

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Dylan Schwartz – Dylan shares vibrant, colorful, and breathtaking drone photos from cities around the world.

Rhianna Lakin – Rhianna jumps between Indonesia and Oregon, sharing her unique perspective along the way.

Razvan – Razvan is from Timisoara, Romania, and shares drone photos with unique angles and amazing composition from all around the world.

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Evan Brightfield – Evan is a master of buildings and shadows, and brings cities to life in a way I’ve never seen before.

Eric Peniata – Eric loves the beach, and his drone photos will make you long for sunny days and crashing waves.

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Kirk Hille – Kirk is another master of color, and often uses composition to create unique geometric patterns with his work.

So there you go! Nine new accounts to follow, from nine amazing pilots.

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