Can You Catch A Fish With A Drone?

With a drone, some fishing gear, and a little luck, it is possible to catch a fish with a drone!

Catch Fish With A Drone

Many people who like to fish and own a drone have probably asked themselves, “Can you catch a fish with a drone?”

Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

Here are a few examples of ingenious fishermen who used their drone to reel in a keeper:

Catching A Fish With A Drone!!

The first example is from David Darg of Ryot News, who claims to be the first person to ever catch a fish with a drone. Based on his video upload date, he might be right!

David used a DJI Phantom with a float, a hook, and a worm, and like most other drone fisherman, goes after a bluegill.

As David said in the description of his video, “Buy a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish WITH A DRONE, he eats for a lifetime and impresses the hell out of all his friends.”

RC Drone Fishing

The next example is from a user who goes by the name The Fish Whisperer.

He’s using a small Syma X11 drone, and catching bluegill using 4lb line with a cork, size 18 hook, and a gulp waxie for bait.

He said it took a few tries, but once he got good at controlling the drone, he could drop the bait in just the right spot and hook a fish almost every time.

He was able to catch 4-5 fish per flight, and since the X11 battery is only good for about a 7 minute flight time, that’s a pretty good flight to fish ratio!

I Caught A Fish With My Drone!!

The next example is from a user who goes by the name Farmer Derek.

Farmer Derek used a DJI Phantom for his fishing, along with a bobber and a plastic worm, which the bluegill seem to like.

His video went viral, and was picked up by ABC News, USA Today, TIME, and other publications, and probably inspired quite a few other people to take out their drone and see what would bite.

Drone Catches Fish and Crashes!!

Lastly, we’ve got a whole different style of fishing, with a much bigger catch, as Uncut Angling goes ice fishing for Arctic Char with their DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

It took the Uncut Angling guys a few tries to get the fish on the hook, and the Phantom 3 nearly sacrificed itself for the catch, but in the end, they snagged a big one.


If you want to go fishing with a drone, you should get a DJI Phantom.

It has the lifting capacity to stay in the air with a fish on the line, it can hover by itself when you’re more worried about reeling in the fish than flying the drone, and it has a camera to help capture your catch on film and prove to your buddies that yes, you did actually catch a fish with a drone!

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