DJI Phantom 4 Review Roundup

The DJI Phantom 4 is now shipping, which means it’s a great time to do a review roundup and see what everyone thinks.

DJI Phantom 4 Review Roundup

There are a lot of drone-specific sites that have published their review of the DJI Phantom 4, but what does the mainstream media think?

Here is a roundup of the best reviews of the Phantom 4, including videos that show off what DJI’s new drone is capable of:

The Verge Review, Ben Popper (9.0/10)

With the Phantom 4, DJI is pulling farther ahead of the competition. It’s the first to market with serious autonomous features, and the implementation works really well. The addition of obstacle avoidance, tap-to-fly, and subject tracking make this the drone I would recommend to total beginners, but one which can also help professionals capture more interesting and risky shots.

Stuff Review, Tom Morgan (5 Stars)

DJI really has pulled off something special with the Phantom 4. Other companies might have been happy to bump up the flight time and add a few visual tweaks, but the Phantom 4 is not so much an upgrade as an evolutionary leap. The world of drones can be an intimidating one, but what DJI has done here is to create a quadcopter that anyone really can fly – and do it safely. Expect to see a lot more of these in the sky soon.

The Wall Street Journal Review, Geoffrey Fowler

The Phantom 4 is a creative tool, not a toy. A sleeker body and larger battery help it stay aloft over 28 minutes. A camera built into its undercarriage records lovely 4K video and 12-megapixel still shots. It’s got a new wide-angle lens that’s sharper in the corners than predecessors. And its video has a smooth Hollywood Steadicam look, thanks to a motorized gimbal that keeps the camera remarkably balanced, even in buffeting winds.

Mashable Review, Lance Ulanoff

The company’s new Phantom 4 drone is not only the best-looking drone of its class, it also puts an incredible degree of flying intelligence in regular people’s hands.

DigitalTrends Review, Alexander Thickstun

All of DJI’s changes make the Phantom 4 feel more premium, and the new features, such as collision avoidance, ActiveTrack, and sport mode, blew away my expectations right out of the box.

Gizmodo Review, Adam Estes

As an aerial photography drone, the new Phantom is one of the best. As a versatile flying gadget, it’s a thrill to use.

Quartz Review, Mike Murphy

The Phantom 4 costs $1,399, so if you own an older Phantom model or another quadcopter drone and are looking to upgrade, this is almost certainly the drone for you. If you’re new to flying drones, but want a well-built product and have the cash to spend, then, again, this is probably the one for you.

TIME Review, Lisa Eadicicco

Overall, the Phantom 4’s easy controls, safety features, and high quality 4K camera make it seem like a solid choice for drone novices willing to spend a decent amount of money.

Alphr Review, Jonathan Bray (5 Stars)

The DJI Phantom 4 is not quite a drone for the non-enthusiast, then, but it’s closer than ever before to that ideal, and it’s the safety features – the collision-detection and tracking features, not to mention the safety net of the automatic fly-me-home feature – that take it there.

PCMag Review, Jim Fisher (5/5, Editors’ Choice)

The latest version of DJI’s top-end consumer drone, the Phantom 4, improves on its predecessor in many ways. It’s the best consumer drone on the market, and it’s priced accordingly.

Wired UK Review, Matthew Reynolds

Footage and photographs are beautifully sharp and the live stream lets users experience environments in full-flight. Flying the drone is intuitive and, most importantly, doesn’t get in the way of capturing footage. It is pricey, but the Phantom 4 is a great way of seeing the world from amazing perspectives.

TL;DR Summary

The consensus is that the new features work well, the Phantom 4 is worth the investment, and DJI is pulling away from the competition.

When the worst score is a 9.0/10, and the best scores are 5/5 and 5 Stars, you know the Phantom 4 is a winner!

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