How To Get Your Drone Photos Featured On Instagram

Learn how to use Instagram hashtags to get your drone photos and videos shared by aggregator accounts, which helps you get new followers.

How To Get Your Drone Photos Featured On Instagram

Instagram is a great place to find amazing and inspiring drone photos and videos.

But what if you’ve started to take photos and videos with your own drone, and you’re sharing them on Instagram, but no one seems to notice?

Enter: Hashtags

There are a number of very popular drone accounts, and each has its own hashtag that you can include in your photo or video for them to check out.

Once you include the hashtag, it gives them permission to re-share your photo or video, and link back to your account.


Instant exposure to thousands of other drone fans on Instagram that are looking for new accounts to follow.

For more great accounts to follow, check out 9 Must-Follow Drone Pilots On Instagram.

To help you get started, here is a list of the 11 best hashtags to include with your photos, and the accounts that manage them:


That’s right! Drone Razor is on Instagram, and if you include the hashtag #DroneRazor with your share, I’ll check it out and re-post my favorites.

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With over 100,000 followers, DroneFly is the largest drone-focused Instagram account I’ve found. They actually sell a spot in their feed (currently $99) if you REALLY want to get featured, but I recommend just including the hashtag, and seeing if they like your work.

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Drone Of The Day is another really large Instagram account, and features (you guessed it) one drone photo per day. Add the hashtag, cross your fingers, and see if they feature you.


Drone Nerds is a drone retailer based out of Florida, but they also run a drone-focused Instagram account where they share their own work, as well as the work of others that use the #DroneNerds hashtag.

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Ronny Brouwers is a drone enthusiast, and created Drone Heroes to share drone photos from around the world.

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From Where I Drone was one of the first drone Instagram aggregators, and shares some amazing and inspiring images from pilots all around the world. It’s a very active community, so add the #FromWhereIDrone hashtag to your photos to be part of the action.


Drones Daily is an interactive aerial map and airport locator, and they also share some of their favorite drone photos on Instagram.

A post shared by DronesDaily (@dronesdaily) on


Dronefolio is an Instagram account dedicated exclusively to showcasing aerial photography and videography.

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Drone Multimedia shares drone photos and videos, but they also do giveaways, so it’s a fun account to follow for inspiration, and the chance to win some cool drone goodies.


Drone Boost is an up-and-coming account, but they share a ton of photos, so it’s a great place to get featured when you’re just getting started.


Another up-and-coming aggregator account.

One More Instagram Trick: Tags

Tagging these accounts in your photos or videos is another option for getting their attention. It’s not something I recommend you do too often, since hashtags are Instagram’s recommended way of sharing your work with others, but with these aggregators, their whole goal is to find and share great photos and videos, so tagging their account is another way to get noticed.

Tip: Keep your captions clean by commenting on your own share with the hashtags. This keeps the hashtags out of the photo’s or video’s caption, but still includes the photo or video on the hashtag page.

To make this process easier, you can save all of these hashtags on your phone as a note or text file, and then when you have a new photo or video to share, just copy and paste them into Instagram:

#DroneRazor #DroneFly #DroneOfTheDay #DroneNerds #DroneHeros #FromWhereIDrone #DronesDaily #Dronefolio #DroneMultimedia #DroneBoost #DroneJunkie

You can only include up to 30 different hashtags per share, so don’t go overboard, but adding a few hashtags will definitely help you get noticed when you’re just getting started.

Before long you’ll have new people checking out your work, and hopefully that will lead to your work getting featured in front of a large audience of drone fans!

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