The Weirdest Things Ever Attached To A Drone

Many drones carry cameras, but some drone pilots aren’t satisfied with just taking photos and videos.

Weird Things Attached To Drones

Most people are happy to attach a camera to their drone and shoot some nice photos or videos.

But when drones can carry things, it’s only a matter of time before people start attaching weird things to their drones.

We’ve already seen a few people attach fishing gear to their drone and catch a fish, but what else is possible?

From chainsaws to flamethrowers, rockets to roman candles, here are some of the strangest things ever attached to a drone:

Chainsaw Drone

This video was part of the April Fools Day roundup, so there is some tricky editing used to make it seem like the drone was actually able to cut things, but even if the cutting wasn’t real, they really did mount a chainsaw to a  DJI Spreading Wings S1000 and fly it around!

Flamethrower Drone

Most people are happy to roast their holiday turkey in the oven, or maybe even deep fry it if you’re feeling adventurous, but if you want to take it up a notch, why not roast your turkey with a drone-mounted flamethrower?!?

Rocket Drone

The team behind the Aerial Sports League have mounted quite a few interesting things to their drones, and one of those is a tiny model rocket that they attached to what looks like a modified Walkera Ladybird drone to create what they’re calling the SparrowHawk Rocket Drone.

Bigger Rocket Drone

While the Aerial Sports League guys wanted to shoot their rocket sideways (and potentially use it for drone combat) YouTube user TheRCTutor wanted to build and test a proof-of-concept to see if a DIY drone platform would be strong and stable enough to launch a model rocket off of.

Paintball Gun Drone

As a follow-up to their rocket drone, the Aerial Sports League guys decided to kick it up a notch by mounting paintball guns to a pair of drones and then having them do combat against one another.

Roman Candle Drone

YouTube user Andy Stewart attached two roman candles to a DJI Phantom 2 and used it to chase after his friends, with many close calls and one direct hit.

(Another) Roman Candle Drone

Apparently the idea of attaching roman candles to a drone occurs to quite a few people around the 4th of July, as YouTube user Nick Murray also had the idea to attach some roman candles to his drone and see what would happen.

Superman Drone

Duct taping a Superman figure to your DJI Phantom 3 and flying it around is a pretty simple idea, but the end result is still fantastic.

100W LED Drone

YouTube user RCTestFlight flies a number of different remote controlled drones, airplanes, hydroplanes, and other vehicles, but when he’s not testing out new remote controlled vehicles, he’s experimenting with REALLY bright LED lights. In this video, he mounts ten 10W LED lights to a drone, and creates what’s basically a personal sun that you an fly anywhere.

Model Airplane Helicarrier Drone

The guys at Flite Test have made quite a few interesting drones, but one of their biggest and best projects was a scale model of the Avengers Helicarrier, which they then used as a flying runway for smaller remote controlled aircraft.

Handgun Drone

This video caused quite a bit of controversy when it was released, as many people wondered about the legality of mounting a real handgun to a drone. The gun was fired on private property in Connecticut, and as a result, authorities said that it did not appear to break any existing laws, but you can be sure it got many lawmakers thinking about what types of laws should exist in the future to prevent this type of use.

Machine Gun Drone

While the handgun drone was definitely real, the machine gun drone was definitely not, but it’s still an interesting (and terrifying!) concept. YouTube user FPS Russia released a video for a ‘Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun’ as part of a viral ad campaign to promote the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and then used that drone to blow a bunch of stuff up.

As drone prices continue to fall and drone payloads continue to increase, I’m sure we’ll see more and more people experiment with what they can attach to their drone.

If you have a drone and you’re thinking of attaching something weird to it, just remember: Keep it safe, keep it sane, and capture it on video so you can share it with the world!

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